Database of Death - Synopsis and Prologue - 1


I thought I'd start writing a story, and an idea sprung into my head, about someone who gets access to a database which contains all past, present and future history. Here's a synopsis:

Imagine that you had the power to change history. To change what's happened, what's happening now, and what's going to happen. The greatest power mankind has experienced. Shakti Jones, a run-of-the-mill schoolchild suddenly finds herself with access to the database. She starts modifying history, convinced that her actions are benifiting the world. James Turner is the only one who notices. He must take action before the world's fate ends up in the wrong hands, and time runs out. He must destroy the Database of Death. Wikipedia. Gone bad.
The Wikipedia-gone-bad concept is quite terrifying. I haven't planned the story much yet, but I've got the basic outline above. But things are bound to change, and Database of Death is a working title. I've got the first draft of the prologue below. I probably won't update it often, maybe every once in a while. Enjoy, and please leave comments and suggestions!
James thanked the librarian and left the room. He placed the three 400-page science-fiction books in his bag, and headed to the staircase. He received a text from Alex, his best friend, asking him where he was. James replied; saying he would be down as quick as possible. He had promised Alex that they'd watch a film, and it was starting in fifteen minutes. He hastily began to descend from the third floor. But suddenly, before anyone could notice, the ceiling came hurtling down at an unimaginable pace. James gasped for breath. He had become immobilised, and an unbearable sensation of numbness and pain snaked from his heart outward, through every vain, to each and every millimetre of his body, like a terminal virus. The sound of the crash was deafening, and it felt as if his mind had been blindfolded. Not soon later, as he lost consciousness, the whole world darkened and eventually vanished. The following series of mysterious events would leave him as the only one who knew the secret. From this moment on, James's life had changed forever.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


Hi! I'd like to welcome you back to my revamped blog. I hope you had a great new year! I thought that the previous logo was becoming old and monotonous, so I decided to liven it up with some more colour and a much nicer font! I've also put up lanterns for the Lunar New Year!

First of all, I was playing with a few new Blogger templates; Notepad Chaos among others, but after weeks of playing with them, deciding, checking things like flexibility, structure and design, I decided to stay with my current design - which I think looks great. But I didn't want to have the same old logo.

So, after browsing on, I chose this new 'mean handwriting' font. I also found some Lunar New Year decorations on HongKiat. Now it's all done, and I'm looking forward to a great year of fun blogging! So don't forget to come here often and maybe even add me to your RSS reader (for new readers, I'd just like to say that the title is completely random!).

Over my wonderful Wallace and Gromity, Eastendersy and Doctor Who-ey Christmas and New Year, I have got many books and watched lots of TV programmes and films, and have travelled quite a bit, so expect some reviews soon (Doctor Who, A Wrinkle in Time, Day of the Triffids and Necropolis among others)!

Oh, and I shan't forget the Lunar New Year! I'd like to wish all of you who celebrate the festival a wonderful new year of the ox! Have fun! On the subject of the Lunar New Year, remember, if you prefer to read in Chinese/中文 (simplified/简体 and traditional/繁體), Korean/한국어 or Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt, this blog is available in (hopefully not too dodgy) translations! One more thing - this is the start of my series of posts on Chinese culture. They will continue throughout the Spring. Enjoy my blog, please leave comments, and come back soon!