The Beijing 2008 Olympics

The Olympics are great!! They're a great way to bring the world together on such a special joyous and competitive event. This year Beijing, the capital of China are hosting the summer olympics. The opening ceremony was quite fantastic. Despite the slight cheating (such as the computer-generated fireworks and the little girl miming the national song due to the actual girl having crooked teeth), I found it very good and entertaining. Not only was China's opening ceremony good; they are very good at the sports too. So far, China has 49 gold medals, followed by the USA with 34, Russia with 21 and the UK with 19. I've got the continuously updating list on my sidebar. On Monday the Beijing Olympics end, but a whole month of paralympics begin! It's really exciting and fun to watch!

But after the month of paralympics, the olympic fun doesn't stop! In fifty days Pune, India has the honour of hosting the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games. And in 2010 the world will experience the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, the Delhi Commonwealth Games, the Vancouver Winter Olympics AND the Guangzhou Asian Games! But tomorrow (24th August 2008) the Beijing Olympics finish, and the grand closing ceremony, which is expected to be as good as the opening ceremony will include the Beijing-London handover ceremony - which will surely be fantastic! I can't wait for the London 2012 Summer Olympics!


angel eyez said...

Cant wait for the london Olympics in 2012!

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