Christmas stamps - don't ask me why!

Despite the fact that there's still 110 days remaining until the joyful dawn of Christmas day, I've got all tangled up in the world of stamps - especially the Christmas and festival ones that lots of countries are starting to bring out now! Stamps are really cool "masterpieces" of art - displaying lots on a small piece of gummed paper which are placed on letters to be posted. Lots of stamps can be really boring like the British definitive "Machin" stamps - the queen's head in about a million different colours - probably ranging from "phosphate blue" to "light gravel grey". I mean; do you really want to send something as boring as that on a letter? But I must admit that they do look cool when there are lots of them in album - all multicoloured. And it's a very recognisable British icon. Luckily, there are loads of wonderful stamps everywhere though - especially ones that are given out at Christmas.

When December arrives a carpet of a wintry festive spirit descends upon many countries, and in the season of goodwill and faith many letters and cards are sent to and fro, many people wishing their family and friends a great Christmas and New Year. I've made a small compilation of some great festival stamps which will be posted around the world this very Yule and some that were sent in previous years:

Anyway, I hope all the countries continue to bring out lovely festive stamps to adorn our seasonal mail!


angel eyez said...

Its funny that you put these pictures up because I've see quite alot of those stamps!
You should have some German stamps too (sorry if you do icouldnt see the rest)

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