Ridiculous "Nōkabe" - Hole in the Wall

A ridiculous Japanese gameshow component ((脳カベ Nōkabe from とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした 'Tunnels' 'Thanks to everyone') has invaded the whole world - everywhere from Argentina to Indonesia! Named 'Hole in the Wall', it involves a wall with a shaped hole coming towards a player. The player has to get through the hole to get "CLEAR", but if they are unable to make it through the wall, they get "NOT CLEAR", and then fall into a big pool of water. It's also known as 'human tetris'.

It certainly is a very silly game, but the popularity in Japan (and on YouTube) was so high, it spread everywhere. I mean, you'd never expect the BBC to create a copy of a weird Japanese gameshow - but they have! Now, time for some wacky clips:

Original Japanese version:

And the wacky BBC version - Bring on the Wall!:

Oh ... whatever next? Anyway, it's kind of funny!


angel eyez said...

That looks really dangerous actually, I wouldn't like to jump through one of those holes! lol
How did you find out about this show?

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